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Arcane Carolinas

Apr 28, 2024

Grab your stakes and garlic necklaces and come along as Michael and Charlie dig into the history and lore of a Charlotte neighborhood where it was said for many years a particular place only came alive at night!

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Apr 7, 2024

Join Michael and Charlie as they take a deep dive into a pivotal battle of the Revolutionary War and the restless riding spirit who lingers from it still!

Upcoming Live Appearances:

Mar 16, 2024

Join Charlie and two very special guests to hear tales of Bigfoot encounters in the Piedmont and learn about the Museum of the Bizarre in Wilmington, NC, from Eric Odditorium!

Upcoming Live Appearances:

Mar 10, 2024

Charleston, SC, has a reputation as a haunted city with a long and complex past. But what about newer, more contemporary sites? Can't they have ghosts, too? Pull a chair up to the table and join Charlie, Michael, and friend of the show Kevin as we dig in to the history and lore around one of the city's most...

Feb 4, 2024

The Bell Witch of Adams, Tennessee, is one of the most adapted, sprawling, and elaborated upon legends in the entire catalogue of paranormal events in United States history. But which parts of it are verifiably real, and which parts of it are simply too much to believe? Go spelunking with Charlie and Michael as they...