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Arcane Carolinas

Dec 26, 2021

Join Charlie on a jaunt into places humankind is not meant to go in search of history and adventure: the surging tide and stormy skies of North Carolina's Outer Banks! In this episode we discuss a little-known sea monster story, forests where one might rightly fear to tread, and the surprising truth behind a past topic....

Dec 12, 2021

Michael and Charlie welcome Isaac from Hidden in the Shadows, a podcast on all things paranormal produced right here in the Carolinas, then talk to Shadow Walkers Paranormal, the investigative group to which they belong. Join us for a fun time talking about the limits of belief and a haunted grave Michael has also...

Nov 29, 2021

What could be more Thanksgiving than a long journey to meet strange and terrifying creatures? For most of us those are our relatives, but one observatory in the mountains of North Carolina has an open invitation to anyone who wants to show up from up there. Join Charlie and Michael (and the DragonCon American Sci Fi...

Nov 7, 2021

Durham is home to great baseball, astounding theater and live performances, pizza to knock your socks off, and one of the few formal paranormal research institutes in the nation's history. Charlie and Michael explore the fascinating people who founded Rhine Research Center!

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Oct 31, 2021

"Happy Dog" is the name locals give to a ghostly mastiff lunging from the trees along the Old Buncome Road in Union County, SC. Michael and Charlie explore history to link legend to facts--and find some surprising results!

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