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Arcane Carolinas

Oct 17, 2021

What's a road trip without a few fun stops along the way? Join Charlie and Michael as they talk about some of the best roadside attractions and modern oddities one can find on the backroads of our two states!

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Oct 10, 2021

The woman who may have been America's first female serial killer made her home--and committed her storied crimes--in Charleston, SC, in the early 19th century. Charlie and Michael scour the forest of folklore to find the history hidden there, including possibly the greatest last words ever delivered!

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Oct 3, 2021

Countless sightings have been recorded of a pink apparition appearing at the Grove Park Inn. Who was the Pink Lady, and what is her story? Join Michael and Charlie as they discuss the history of Asheville's most famous hotel, its most famous permanent resident, and some of the more obscure parts of its history!


Sep 28, 2021

For nearly a century the Carolina Theatre of Durham has been one of our region's best venues for films and live performances. Join Charlie and Michael as they discuss its history and significance as well as a couple of ghost stories sometimes associated with it!


The Carolina Theatre of Durham

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Sep 26, 2021

Wondering what spooky fun you can get up to this Halloween season in the Carolinas? Look no further than this episode! Charlie and Michael run down a list of haunted houses, pumpkin patches, and other fun ways to celebrate the season!

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