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Arcane Carolinas

Mar 28, 2021

Named for his colorful cap and his short stature, the Little Red Man of Old Salem is described both as terrifying and beloved. Join us for a deep dive into one of the most interesting ghost stories--and communities--of the Carolinas!



Mar 21, 2021

Come along on one last gallop around Bath, NC, where there were many strange goings-on in the year 1898! Did a witch-man "ride" a local and cause stones to rain on a family farm, or did said shenanigans have a source a little bit closer to home? Check out our Facebook page for photos and scans of contemporary...

Mar 6, 2021

For this February(-ish) Case Files episode of Arcane Carolinas we had the pleasure of talking to Bryce Gibson, author of the County Line Horror and Killer Tech series set in South Carolina, and to Chuy with the Exploring the Myths Behind the Legends podcast!


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