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Arcane Carolinas

Oct 30, 2022

Join Michael and Charlie for a stroll down the train tracks of history and legend as we explore the oft-requested tale of a railroad man whose ghost stalks the night!


Oct 23, 2022

Join Michael and Charlie for an Arcane Destinations tour of the bayou and visit with two legends local to New Orleans: the Grunch, and the Rougarou!


Oct 16, 2022

Michael and Charlie take a deep dive into the history of the Gullah people and legends of the Boo Hag (and the Boo Daddy), a witch-like figure who drains her victims of their life force in their sleep. This episode also features a reading by special guest Dr. Lisa Hammond!


Oct 12, 2022

Join Charlie and Michael for two tales of paranormal activity: one hailing from Bladenboro, home to the Vampire Beast, and one told directly by the experiencer, a closely trusted source!

Upcoming Live Recordings:

Oct 9, 2022

Charlie and Michael welcome Kevin, friend of the show and Delaware resident, to discuss spooky and interesting places in that state as well as some distressing moments from its history!