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Arcane Carolinas

May 23, 2021

Stories persist that the Cherokee had a legend of the Moon-Eyed People, whose huge eyes rendered them incapable of seeing in daylight. But did the Cherokee actually have this legend? Who perpetrated the myth these Moon-Eyed People were actually Welsh, and why?

Join Charlie and Michael for this fascinating deep-dive...

May 16, 2021

Becky Cotton, of Edgefield, SC, is renowned as "The Devil in Petticoats" for a sequence of murders in the early 19th century. But are the legends of her many victims' colorful demises actually true? Join us as Charlie dredges up some shocking facts about this blood-curdling tale from another time!



May 2, 2021

Morgan Island, South Carolina, is a sea island off the coast near Charleston--and its other name is MONKEY ISLAND! Charlie and Michael discuss this fascinating example of the modern weird and then welcome a guest onto the show who's seen it firsthand. Paddle out to sea with us, but do not go ashore!

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