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Arcane Carolinas

Dec 22, 2022

Join Charlie and Michael in Charlie's garage to discuss holiday monsters and ghosts, plus a visit from our friend Tally Johnson! This is the audio track from our Winter Wondercast video posted on YouTube.

Happy holidays, and we'll see y'all in 2023!


Dec 5, 2022

Join Charlie and Jessie as they interview three of the guests from the Upstate Spirits Conference in Abbeville, SC, in October of 2022: Mary Deese Hampton, Bishop James Long, and Rick Hayes!


Upcoming Live Recordings:

Nov 24, 2022

Join Charlie and guest host Jessie as they discuss stone tape theory, the Burt-Stark Mansion, Abbeville's historical significance, and interview two paranormal investigations groups: Carolina Ghost Whisperers and Stokes Paranormal Investigations!


Oct 30, 2022

Join Michael and Charlie for a stroll down the train tracks of history and legend as we explore the oft-requested tale of a railroad man whose ghost stalks the night!


Oct 23, 2022

Join Michael and Charlie for an Arcane Destinations tour of the bayou and visit with two legends local to New Orleans: the Grunch, and the Rougarou!